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August 8, 2015

How to Hack a Brinks Security Safe in 60 Seconds

Brinks security handles the logistics used to store, transport and extract cash from over 14,000 locations. The security company even provides digital safes for retail locations to make large cash deposits. The CompuSafe Service is marketed as a means of reducing loss, increasing productivity, and reducing the accounting burden for an organization. High-level Hackers part of the Bishop Fox security consulting service plan to demonstrate how easy it is to hack the devices at an upcoming DefCon presentation.

Oscar Salazar is a senior security associate with the firm. Research into CompuSafe shows that money deposited into a CompuSafe automatically [...]

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August 8, 2015

$32 Hacking Device Opens Car & Garage Doors

RollJam, a contraption put together by a security researcher for less than $50 can unlock car and garage doors at will by exploiting digital keys, also known as rolling codes.

Hacker season is officially underway.

A contraption comprising of two radios, a microcontroller and a battery, all put together for less than $50 by an independent researcher can unlock vehicle doors and garage doors at will by taking advantage of a vulnerability in their keyless entry systems, Wired reports.

Samy Kamkar, the independent researcher who devised the radio device is set to reveal details of the gadget at the DefCon hacker conference in Las Vegas.

A Vulnerability the Car [...]
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July 13, 2015

ProxyHam Will Never See the Light of Day

Readers may remember the ProxyHam device described last week, which was to be presented at DefCon on Friday. The device would enable a user to be a great distance away from a WiFi access point, and then utilize Tor and other masking services, to make it incredibly difficult to actually locate someone connecting to the Internet through the device.

However, at the last minute, Rhino Security Labs, the company of Ben Caudill, who is the creator of the ProxyHam, canceled the talk at DefCon and made clear that both the prototype and its code would never be made available to the public. Caudill was not forthcoming as to what had caused this sudden decision, although the FCC getting [...]

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