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August 15, 2016

Lock Picking at Cybersecurity Conference Def Con

When you think of lock picking you might not put it with a cybersecurity conference such as Def Con. However, the recent conference in Sin City demonstrated that the traditional method of picking locks is essential to teaching individuals how to protect machines from digital threats letting them unleash their inner child.

With remote attacks over the Internet being blocked through improved security, opportunistic hackers are searching for ways to deliver malicious software physically instead. Being able to crack a digital system, though, requires a level of skill and finesse, which is why it’s ideal for the good guys to know how to pick locks so that they can defend [...]

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August 5, 2016

The Future of Cybersecurity May Be with Supercomputers

Seven supercomputers recently took part in a virtual contest that saw them competing against one another in a bid to find software vulnerabilities.

Taking place in Las Vegas at DEF CON, a cybersecurity event, the seven supercomputers participated in the Cyber Grand Challenge where they were tasked with playing the hacking game Capture the Flag, which focuses on detecting software vulnerabilities.

It’s usually human hackers who take part in the game to detect vulnerabilities; however, it often takes humans a lot longer to identify flaws compared to supercomputers.

According to PC World, at the recent DEF CON conference, no human hackers took part, only the [...]

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