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November 15, 2016

Facebook Buys Passwords on the Deep Web to Keep Users Safe

Security breaches are fairly common nowadays, but a few companies, like Facebook, manage to stay safe. As it turns out, Facebook doesn’t just have an amazing security team. It goes out of its way to protect users.

Alex Stamos, Facebook’s CSO, revealed at the Web Summit in Lisbon the Facebook actively buys password dumps on the deep web, in order to keep its users safe. The move aims to protect its users who don’t actively protect themselves with Facebook’s security features.

Stamos said that:

The reuse of passwords is the number one cause of harm on the internet.

Essentially, Facebook buys passwords from black markets on the deep web, so it can then figure [...]

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October 31, 2016

50 Million People Have Their Private Data on the Deep Web, Security Firm Warns

Leading Brazilian digital security company PSafe recently issued a warning to all internet users everywhere, stating that over 50 million people from all over the world have private data up for grabs on the deep web. The company compares the attacks with those that hit Yahoo! and Snapchat in the past, claiming this one is even worse as private data from as much as 20.000 government agents – including NASA employees – might have also been leaked.

According to PSafe, over 20 countries were affected, and the first on the list Is the U.S., with data from over 1,2 million people being leaked. The cybercriminals have reportedly got their hands on private information which [...]

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September 19, 2016

How Cybercriminals Target Victims: Report Cites Top Information Resources

Cybercriminals, whose attacks cost organizations millions of dollars a year, do extensive research on their targets. They gather organizational and personal information before deciding which vulnerabilities to exploit.

SurfWatch Labs, a security consultancy, has released a report on research resources cybercriminals use. The purpose of the report is to provide organizations a tool to prevent cyber attacks. The report includes an overview of information resources cybercriminals use to target the victims. Knowing about these resources can help organizations defend against cyber attacks.

Adam Meyer

The majority of threat awareness training is [...]

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October 16, 2015

Japan’s Cybercriminals Take Payments in PlayStation Codes

A report from cybersecurity firm Trend Micro reveals that the cybercriminal underground in Japan is still only finding its feet despite its potential for tremendous havoc.

Japan may find itself at the crossroads. It faces a growing threat posed by its cybercriminal underground that is still finding its feet and less prolific compared to cybercriminals around the world. It’s a tricky challenge, as law enforcement might also be cornering Japan’s organized crime syndicates do not delve into the darknet to engage in cybercrime.

The entire report titled “The Japanese Underground” by Akira Urano can be found here. [PDF]

In a strikingly similar OPM-like breach, the [...]

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How Cybercriminals Target Victims: Report Cites Top Information Resources
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