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December 16, 2015

Virtual Private Network (VPN): Everything You Need to Know

To put it simply, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service or program that allows a device to connect to a secure offsite server over a network using an encrypted, “tunnel-like” connection. It allows the user’s IP address to be masked, providing a layer of all-important privacy and anonymity. Besides, the encryption of the connection is generally of such a high-grade that any data transmitted can be considered perfectly safe. Originally used for businesses, companies offering VPN services to consumers started to form, realizing the immense security benefits that users can reap from the service.

They are used by everyone from families at home who want to make sure no one [...]

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December 4, 2015

The Empire Strikes Back: Google Refutes EFF Privacy Claims

The Electronic Frontier Foundation recently lodged a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission alleging that Google’s seemingly benign student Chromebook program is in fact a data privacy nightmare, in so many words. The complaint begins by noting that Google is a signatory to the Student Privacy Pledge, which is an industry-wide effort to provide data privacy protections for kindergarten to high school students. Then, it outlines the ways it believes it has identified Google, which thrives on data collection and usage,violating the pledge.

First, when students are logged in to their Google for Education accounts, student personal information […] is collected, [...]

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November 11, 2015

Facebook Set to Appeal Belgian Data Privacy Decision

Belgium recently had a court ruling that determined Facebook was going too far in collecting information about visitors to its site who are not Facebook users.

Facebook has said that it will appeal this decision, which it likely considers central to the business model the company uses, whereby they harvest user data and sell it to advertisers, for lack of a better description. Facebook must see it as paramount to fight such rulings at every level, to prevent further regulation on the collection of user data.

For its part, Belgium seems to be interpreting laws in a pretty standard way, not going out of its way to make the determination. The Belgian ruling is not alone [...]

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