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January 13, 2016

Is Your Webcam A Backdoor?

While stories appear every day regarding the vulnerabilities of smart fridges and TVs, IoT technologies like webcams represent a far more desirable target for hackers.

Vectra Threat Labs, a research arm of Vectra Networks, detailed today how consumer-grade Internet of Things products – in this case, a Wi-Fi security camera – are hackable and programmable as “permanent backdoors.”

According to the Lab, this allows “potential attackers to remotely command and control a cyber attack without being detected by traditional security products.” A hacker could thus gain full-time access to a network without needing access to a laptop, workstation or [...]

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October 2, 2015

Trust of Leaked Certificates Revoked by Microsoft

The certificates of the four digital certificates leaked last week have been revoked by Microsoft. The certificates were leaked unknowingly by D-Link, reported by Threatpost.

Last week networking gear manufacturer D-Link was in the news for the wrong reason. An embarrassing mistake by the company led to the release of private keys that can be used to sign certificates. The keys were found in D-Link’s open source firmware package.

Private keys are used to sign certificates for programs. A program that has a legitimate certificate associated with it easily makes its way past the security scanners of any organization. The mistake by D-Link could, therefore, have had [...]

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