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November 27, 2015

YouTube Will Pay Up To $1 Million in Legal Fees For Qualifying Users

After a long history of strange gaffes in its copyright claim system, YouTube is finally making moves to support its lifeblood – its independent content creators who, too often for comfort, are subjected to copyright claims that actually violate their rights to fair use.

Or, occasionally, the claims can be even more ridiculous – groups claiming public domain content as theirs and such. The worst case of false copyright claims happened earlier this year, when a video creator’s own work was claimed by Sony after he had licensed it to them.

The automated nature of the system can be blamed for this, but at the same time, it’s hard to envision it being done [...]

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October 31, 2015

Sony Filed Copyright Claim Against Man They Licensed Content From

The arrogance of large corporations is occasionally beyond description. Mitch Martinez created some stock footage and licensed it to Sony Music Entertainment. Then, later, when he uploaded the same footage onto YouTube, he got a copyright notice. About his own content.

The debacle that followed was interesting. Here is the original footage that Martinez posted on YouTube, which Sony tagged as belonging to them and caused the issues:

It wasn’t Sony directly, not exactly. It was Epic Records, which is a division of Sony Music Entertainment. One of their artists, Transviolet, used the footage above as the background for the music video of their song [...]

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February 22, 2015

EFF Wants a Fair Use-style DMCA Provision

“When you buy a video game, you expect to be able to play it for as long as you want. You expect be able to play it with your kids many years from now if you want (well, maybe not Grand Theft Auto),” writes Harvard law student Kendra Albert. She, with the backing of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), is petitioning the US Copyright Office for a modification to the ever-controversial Digitial Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA).

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