CEO Reveals How Easily Colonial Pipeline Hack Could’ve Been Avoided

Joseph Blount

The Colonial Pipeline hack might not have been the largest hack in recent memory–that probably goes to the SolarWinds or Microsoft Exchange hacks. But it was the most disruptive. Consumers panicked within days of the ransomware gang DarkSide breaching the country’s largest fuel pipeline. Gas prices skyrocketed. More than half of the gas stations in … Read more

DHS Issues Groundbreaking Cybersecurity Regulations After Colonial Hack


The federal government is not pleased. The massive disruption caused by the Colonial Pipeline attack has stepped in with groundbreaking new regulations for pipeline companies. The Department of Homeland Security Takes a Stand Officials from the agency told The Washington Post that pipeline companies would be required to report incidents of cyber vulnerabilities to officials. … Read more

Cybersecurity Experts Are on ‘High Alert’ Yet Still Feel ‘Unprepared’


Hackers from around the globe have been more active than ever over the past year. And cybersecurity experts are feeling on edge. A recent cybersecurity report surveyed over 1,400 global chief information security officers (CISOs) in 14 countries. Most of them believe their organizations are unprepared for a cyber attack. That’s bad news considering 64 percent … Read more