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November 1, 2016

Botnet DDoS Attacks More Sophisticated Than Ever


A new report by security firm Kaspersky Lab has revealed that as many as 67 countries’ resources and installations have been targeted by botnet-based DDoS attacks, in Q3 2016 alone.

The world received a rude jolt of the increasing threat of cyberattacks when DNS provider Dyn was targeted in an unprecedented DDoS attack in October 2016. That cyberattack was caused from a botnet that included IoT (Internet of Things) devices like surveillance cameras and routers. Suffice to say, the DNS blackout was undoubtedly the most notable DDoS-induced disruption in a growing trend of botnet-assisted DDoS attacks.

A new report by Kaspersky Lab has now revealed that [...]

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January 21, 2016

Botnet Ad Fraud Will Net Criminals $7.2 Billion in 2016

Ad-clicking swarms of computers in their botnets are clicking online ads and faking traffic, enough to the tune of an expected $7.62 billion this year, a study revealed.

Here’s a scam that’s seldom heard of. A study by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) along with White Ops, a security vendor has revealed that scamming botnets will see advertisers cough up an incredible $7.2 billion this year.

The global advertising market, according to the previous ANA/White Ops study stood at approximately $40 billion spent on display ads and an estimated $8.3 billion spent on video ads.

A press release revealed the estimated figure of $7.2 billion is up from a [...]

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October 14, 2015

Feds and White Hats Put the Brakes on Bank-Swindling Botnet – Dridex

Law enforcement agencies from around the world and private cybersecurity companies have come together to stop a far-reaching botnet that infected hundreds of thousands of computers every year to steal money from targeted banks. The mastermind behind malicious botnet has also been arrested.

Multiple law enforcement agencies and several cybersecurity firms have seized control of a network of infected computers that spread the infamous Dridex (formerly Bugat) malware, a malicious exploit designed to spy on victim’s machines to steal banking credentials with the ultimate aim of breaking into bank accounts and steal cash.

According to estimates, the botnet is responsible for [...]

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August 7, 2015

Chinese VPN Becomes International Botnet

Researchers have revealed that a commercial VPN provider based in China has been hacking legitimate Windows-based servers from around the world before proceeding to add them to its own network of over 1,500 servers.

Malicious hacker groups are employing cunning new ways to launch cyber-attacks. Unveiling their findings at the Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas, security professionals at RSA Research have made a startling discovery: a commercial virtual private network (VPN) service in China dubbed ‘Terracotta’ has over 1500 VPN nodes that are predominantly obtained by hackers who hijack vulnerable Windows servers owned by legitimate organizations, RSA researchers [...]

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