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February 23, 2016

Bill Gates Backs FBI Demand for Apple iPhone Backdoor

Microsoft co-founder and former CEO Bill Gates has voiced his opinion on the encryption debate surrounding an FBI demand seeking Apple to create a backdoor for an iPhone belonging to one of the terrorists in the San Bernadino shooting. It’s an opinion that’s bound to surprise many.

In a rare instance of a tech community veteran agreeing with the US government’s request to force Apple into creating a backdoor for an iPhone, Bill Gates has said that Apple should, in fact, co-operate with law enforcement to create a backdoor.

Furthermore, the former CEO of Microsoft and the world’s richest man does not believe that the FBI’s demand for a backdoor would create a wider [...]

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January 23, 2016

GCHQ-developed Phone Security Contains Backdoor

In recent months, we’ve learned governments believe there should exist backdoors in tech’s biggest products. We’ve also learned, recently, they’re no hypocrites: the UK government’s official voice encryption protocol has a glaring backdoor allowing security services to eavesdrop, according to new research. The UK government planned to build an assortment of products based on the technology, but this might be under review considering the findings of one cybersecurity expert.

University College London cybersecurity expert, Dr Steven Murdoch, wrote a blog post regarding the MIKEY-SAKKE spec of the UK government’s phone security software, which he conjectures was designed [...]

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