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September 22, 2016

Silicon Valley’s War on Disease: Zuckerberg, Microsoft, Google to End Cancer and Aging

Silicon Valley is going to war against disease, cancer, aging, and perhaps even death, with advanced computing, AI and machine learning, genomics, DNA engineering, biotech and nanotech. Tech giants and mega-rich philanthropists are spending billions to permit hacking biology all the way down to DNA, and perhaps we could see breakthroughs in only a few years.

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December 25, 2014

Young Blood May Unlock the Fountain of Youth

In the 1950s, Professor Clive McCay studied aging and nutrition in his Cornell Laboratory. In an experiment on rats, young blood was transfused from healthy, juvenile rats into sick, aging rats. McCay observed that cartilage tissue in the old rats appeared youthful. He was, unfortunately, unable to explain his findings.

Over 50 years later, Stanford revived the experiments. In 2005, they reported that old mice joined with a young mouse for five weeks boosted the healing rate of the old mouse to that of the younger. Further, the old mouse developed new liver cells at a youthful rate. Taking their research further, they injected young blood from a human into elderly mice and [...]

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