Syrian Hacker Group, SEA, Claims it Hacked Turkey Two Years Ago

The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) claims that they have hacked a large number of email accounts, including accounts belonging to the Turkish government, but waited until now to reveal them. The SEA published confidential emails from strategic Turkish government agencies. A total of 967 email accounts were released revealing correspondence made between March 2009 and November 2012. The list of emails hacked by SEA includes a number of ministers, diplomats, and civil servants.

“We hacked  the Turkish email servers two years ago but chose to hold on to these emails to ensure the Turkish government doesn’t attempt to whitewash the involvement they have had inside Syria immediately”

a spokesperson from SEA told daily Hürriyet in a recent email interview.

“The entire world did not respect Syria’s borders and we will, in turn, ignore all the borders of the world and target those who want to bring harm to our country no matter where they reside.”

Denies Involvement with the Syrian Government

syrian-electronic-army-skypeSEA identifies itself as: “thousands of Syrian youth who stood up to an external plot to destroy our country, Syria, from the very start of the war.” A spokesperson for the group further explained the group’s role and denied any involvement with the Syrian government.

“SEA has no affiliation with the Syrian government or any other group in the world. We act independently and have a very large support base of members on social media. The SCS [Syrian Computer Society, which was led by Bashar al-Assad before he became the president] cowered from hosting our site after being threatened externally. We are currently hosted on foreign servers. No one has lent their support to us but it is OK, because it doesn’t take much – just a laptop, an Internet connection, knowledge and time.”

The SEA also mentioned that the Turkish Defense Ministry has become a target of the group after the Turkish military shot down a Syrian helicopter in mid-2013.

In addition to the Turkish hacks, the SEA has hacked several social media accounts of worldwide leaders including President Obama’s Twitter account and French president Nicolas Sarkozv’s Facebook account.

While the group claims no relation to the Syrian government, they have demonstrated a strong sense of nationalism and vigilante justice through cyber-based attacks.

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Images via SEA and Shutterstock.

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