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Stock Pick: DryShips Dividend and Key Metrics can Start Attract Momentum

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Stock Pick: DryShips Dividend and Key Metrics can Start Attract Momentum


This article was posted on Tuesday, 18:35, UTC.

DryShips (NASDAQ:DRYS) has had a rough run in the past few weeks. The stock price has declined by over three quarters in the last one month. However this rapid decline in the stock price hides the strong key metrics which the company boasts. The company has a number of drybulk carriers and offshore vessels which provide transportation of different goods including steel, coal, agri-food and more. Currently, it has $422 million in cash and cash equivalents which equates to around $9/share. The book value of vessels is $194 million. It also has third party loans of $16.5 million and a…

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