Still Monitoring my Trading Bots

A few months back, I wrote this post:

My first experience with Robot Trading: Up $5 000 in Two Weeks

After that, unfortunately, I experienced a serious draw down which cut my profits and I ended up with a quite significant loss. I have had multiple members emailing me about the results and what kind of robots I’m using (I’m currently on MetaTrader 5 and use Roboforex as my ECN platform). I did not want to make a new post before I felt confident that I’ve achieved good results over a longer period of time. I ended up with pausing the robot scheme, while focusing on other projects. Then a couple of weeks ago, I started up again with fresh capital. I’m using different settings now, and I’m testing multiple trading robots that I’ve bought for a serious amount of $. So far, so good. Yesterday I ended up 2% (660 USD). It’s been profitable for the past weeks, but I will not reveal what types of robots I’m currently using or what type of settings.

If I’m happy with the results of my trading robots within one to three months, I’ll do a full review on and I’ll also provide personal guidance on setting it up. I must advice, that trading with Expert Advisors is risky, so always remember my golden rules. Do not trade with money you cannot afford to lose. At this point in time, I can lose quite a substantial sum before it will impact me, so I’m the perfect guinea pig.

Please be patient, I’ll update you soon.

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