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Still Investing in a Corporate Bond Fund

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Still Investing in a Corporate Bond Fund


This article was posted on Wednesday, 21:04, UTC.

As I wrote a couple of days ago, I transferred 25 782 NOK ($3000) to my online trading platform a few days ago. I also wrote that I wanted to invest in something different than the corporate bond fund that I’ve invested in twice. I’ve spent multiple hours today in researching different stocks, commodities and ETFs. I almost ended up investing in a small gaming company based in Denmark called Hugo Games (a penny stock), but after looking into their mobile games, cashflow and financial results, I decided to stay clear of it.

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I discussed investment strategies with a good friend of mine yesterday that suggested I should try and find a company that I would like to “own” and continue to buy shares in that company. With enough shares I could take a board position later on and be able to influence company decisions. That’s something I would like to do, and I will be researching companies that I would like to own a substantial part of.

It’s obvious that I cannot expect to own a substantial amount of shares in a large cap company, but it is doable for small to mid cap companies. I’m on the lookout for high tech companies in the small- and mid cap range. They should be leading tech innovators in their field and focus on one or more of these areas:

  • Renewable energy
  • Autonomous systems
  • AI
  • FinTech
  • Ocean Industry

If you have some good candidates, please leave a comment below and I’ll take a look.

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For June’s investment, I decided to stick with the corporate bond fund Deutsche Invest I Eu Hi Yld Corp LC as I couldn’t find any other option that spoke to me. Gold is most likely a good choice, same as palladium and lithium, but I won’t move into commodities just yet.

The 33% Club

I created the 33% Club group on Workplace for our Gold Members on May 29th. We now got more than 17 members that have pledged to invest a certain percentage of their monthly income in an asset they believe in. The goal of this group is to help each other to reach each individual’s financial goal. Join us on Workplace and let us know what you are investing in.

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Feedback or Requests?

Jonas Borchgrevink

Jonas Borchgrevink

Founder of and CryptoCoinsNews

  • user

    AUTHOR ajburge

    Posted on 9:13 pm May 31, 2017.

    Hi Jonas,

    Have you looked into peer to peer lending e.g. I put a small % in every month and have trialed it for some time now, not the safest option but I get around 10.5% and have a buy back guarantee in place. Just another one for a spread portfolio IMO

  • user

    AUTHOR FirewoodTime

    Posted on 12:53 am June 2, 2017.

    I am part of something called the Chairman’s Club at Oxford Clubs. They have 2 newsletters that are interesting. One is Insider Alert. They analyzed over 7.8 million recorded in Insider purchases….272 people never miss making money. One made over 800% in 2008 when the market was tanking…..The group made 609 plus million dollars on their trades….They have another great letter – Prime Trader – in 2015 it did 45%….I just invested in one that grossed 66% the last time it traded during it’s Prime time. What this means is some stocks cycle….Ie. Some go up while NFL football plays because we eat a lot during that time in groups….After it’s over, the quarterlies show money isn’t as good and people sell out of the stock. The Prime period to be in these stocks is before the rise, get out before the drop…’s unreal. Some for 10 years have averaged incredible gains. The great thing, out of the trade when it’s dropping…..They have another Options package that is incredible…..My girl friend read 2 pages and it is explained so well that I watched her eyes get huge as saw the money with little risk….One recently was GDXJ…..the Put generated 14.4% or so for about 4 months….To have the ETF put to you, it would have had to drop 2$ below it’s 52 week low. Highly unlikely…That is over a 30% return on that one…..Those are some examples of easier to make money than normal…They have trips we can go on, if we can afford them. The retired CEO of Shell is a Circle member. It’s very cheap for what it offers. After the nut is cracked, for me it is only 125$ per year for the info above and much more…..It is only about 9500$ the last time I checked for the entire package. A steal. They even have a money back guarantee….A person can start with a lesser package and work up…I also recommend the Trade Stops program. I’m a life time member. It’s an incredible program….My friend wouldn’t make the investment in it. He lost about 100k….he bought it. He told me some of what he did, he would not have done without Trade Stops….They just back tested Warren Buffet. On a stock Warren lost 41% on, they would have sold, road through the rough spot, the program bought back in and they would be up 640% right now….It’s a mind blowing product. Thanks for Hacked.

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