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As Steve Jobs Tanks At The Box Office, We Asked The Internet: Why Do People Hate Apple?

As Steve Jobs Tanks At The Box Office, We Asked The Internet: Why Do People Hate Apple?

by Justin OConnellNovember 1, 2015

A lot of people dislike Apple. Europeans have called me a fascist for using Apple. Yahoo Answers is home to a long history of bewildered people trying to figure out why they are being hated on simply for using an Apple computer. The amount of threads on Yahoo Answers alone goes on for more or less 15 pages on Google (I got tired of clicking through). The Facebook community called I Hate Apple has more than 32,000 members. 

It’s safe to say the people in the US, aside perhaps from Wall Street investors, have a tepid relationship with Apple -at best. Maybe this relationship explains the poor showing of not one, but two Apple-related films out of Hollywood in the past year.

On Yahoo Answers, numerous people have asked this same question. Some have even been harassed for using Apple products. Even the Big Bang Theory has made fun of Apple on its show.


This person claims to have been insulted simply for using Apple products: 


This guy claims to have an answer: 


In this “Big Bang Theory” clip, the Apple geniuses are called “not really geniuses.”

And in this one Steve Wozniak is called a lead character’s “15th favorite technological visionary.” That’s six spots above Steve Jobs.

Maybe this love-hate relationship America has for Apple explains the poor performance of the new movie “Steve Jobs” at the box office. “Steve Jobs”, which cost $30-60 million to produce, grossed only $7.3 million its opening weekend

The film tanks on the heels of numerous other hits put out by Universal: Jurassic World, Furious 7 and Minions. It did not do much better than the Ashton Kutcher led “Jobs,” which made $6.7 million in its first weekend.

“Steve Jobs” figured to make as much as $19 million its opening weekend, but failed to meet these goals. Variety writes the film won’t profit for the studio. To break even, the film needs to make $120 million.

The track record suggested the film could have done very well, as “The Social Network,” another film about tech, opened to $22.4 million. Further, in its limited release, “Steve Jobs”was nearly breaking records.

Instead, the Matt Damon-led “The Martian” held the number one spot at the box office.

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  • Apple is not that great. Microsoft is no longer good either.
    Now days it is all about anyone of dozens of great Linux operating systems.

  • R S

    Why people hate apple? Simple, because they make cheap shitty things, slap an apple logo on it and sell it for more than double what its worth.

  • Sean_Dorman

    It is not so much that Apple is hated, so much as it is Steve Jobs. Mr Jobs was not a hero or a visionary; he was someone who bossed people around to get stuff done “his way” ripping off ideas from other companies much in the same way of Bill Gates, making a lot of enemies (“frenemies”…?) along the way. I don’t respect anyone (specifically Jobs…) who abandons their child.

  • PacificMaelstrom

    Jobs tried to wish away his cancer and so he died. What a hero.