Stellar Lumens Update: Acquisitions and Retirement Accounts

Stellar Lumens is in the headlines this week amid reports that it is negotiating to acquire a high-profile startup by the name of Chain. Meanwhile, a bitcoin IRA that lets users buy cryptocurrency for retirement added XLM to its list of available assets, potentially raising the investment appeal of the Stellar protocol.

Stellar Eyes Chain Acquisition

Fortune reported Wednesday that Stellar has been in talks to buy the San Francisco-based blockchain startup for $500 million. Citing anonymous sources, the report said the payment would be made in XLM, the seventh-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. No cash or equity will be part of the sale, which has yet to be finalized.

Although Stellar’s plan for Chain is not yet known, its interest in the startup is tied to its team of talented blockchain developers. Stellar founder and crypto trailblazer Jed McCaleb has a keen eye for talent, having founded Mt. Gox, eDonkey and Ripple XRP.

Chain develops enterprise-grade blockchain solutions, including ledger products that allow businesses to transfer funds in token format. The company raised over $43 million in venture funding from high-profile investors including Visa, Nasdaq, Citi Ventures and Blockchain Capital.

It is not entirely clear how the purchase would impact XLM’s market value. For current investors, the main concern is a wholesale dump of Lumens by Chain’s backers in the event that the sale actually takes place.

At a current price-per-coin of less than $0.23, the Chain acquisition would translate to roughly 219.3 million XLM. There are roughly 18.7 billion Lumens in circulation, giving the currency a total market cap of $4.3 billion.

Stellar for Retirement

The BitcoinIRA retirement platform has announced the addition of both Stellar Lumens and Zcash to its available list of cryptocurrencies, giving investors the ability to diversify their crypto holdings for retirement.

“[W]e’re excited to meet the high demand for both Stellar Lumens and Zcash in the marketplace by making these coins available to customers looking to diversify their retirement portfolios,” said Chris Kline, BitcoinIRA’s Chief Operating Officer.

In addition to Lumens and Zcash, the BitcoinIRA platform allows retirement planners to access bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, bitcoin cash and Ethereum Classic.

Crypto IRAs fall under a much broader category of assets called digital IRAs, which are self-directed retirement accounts. Cryptocurrencies are recognized by the IRS as property, which allows for their inclusion in retirement accounts. Self-directed IRAs have unique tax benefits that can help investors maximize their digital currency holdings.

Disclaimer: The author owns bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. He holds investment positions in the coins, but does not engage in short-term or day-trading.

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