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Steam Hacked, Accounts Compromised, People Blaming Valve

Steam Hacked, Accounts Compromised, People Blaming Valve

by P. H. MadoreJuly 27, 2015

According to various sources, Steam was hacked and accounts were compromised recently. Gamers have reported losing their accounts. All signs point to a problem with Valve, the owner of Steam. A mixture of social engineering and stupidity on the part of Valve – many of the accounts hacked simply had password resets. This shows the weakness of the current password system at Valve.

If a large database is that vulnerable to anyone who want to hack it, then things can go awry for Steam. Gamers might start considering other options that are out there.

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Following the accusations by users on various social media sites, which surfaced into the gaming press, the site experienced a serious and sustained attack. The Steam community was down for a while as you can see from the tweets below. Steam has yet to comment about the incident.

How the Steam Accounts Were Hacked

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  • I hope my steam account were not lost.

    I don’t honestly remember my login details, but I had Half-Life 2 on it.