Status Announces Hardware Wallet, New COO from Google & $1M Bounty Fund

Mobile Ethereum platform Status has made a big splash at the DevCon3 conference in Cancun, Mexico. Following a massively successful token raise, the company has launched a new hardware wallet, an open bounty fund and a key acquisition from the Overlords of the Internet, aka Google.

Hardware Wallet

As of right now, users can sign up for the beta version of the Status hardwallet, which allows you to conduct wireless transactions via built-in NFC capability.

Hardware wallets are in extremely high demand as investors search for ways to protect their tokens. Unlike other hardware platforms, the Status product does not depend on a wired connection. Instead, it allows users to store, send and receive digital currencies via contact-less NFC.

New COO from Google

After successfully leading several major projects at Google, Nabil Naghdy has officially joined Status as the Chief Operating Officer (COO). Naghdy has his fingerprints all over some of Google’s biggest projects, including Google Maps and Google Flights.

Naghdy was no doubt enticed by Status’ vision of providing decentralized accessed to the blockchain world, which he calls “the new internet.”

“Following the mobile revolution, blockchain is the next major shift in technology,” the new COO tells Hacked. It has the potential to bring permissionless access to data and services through a completely decentralized internet.”

Bounty Program

The company also announced the launching of a $1 million bounty fund geared specifically toward open source projects. The decision is a follow through from Status’ commitment to supporting decentralized services. Under the bounty program, the firm is encouraging the blockchain community to find vulnerabilities and contribute to open source platforms for rewards.

Status co-founder Jarrad Hope tells that the launch of the open bounty program is an extension of his brand’s commitment to the open source community.

By launching Status Open Bounty, “we have created a collaboration tool that allows users the power to find, contribute, and receive rewards for code contributions, as well as aid organizations in sourcing talent by creating bounties.”

Colleague and co-founder Carl Bennetts adds the following:

“Ethereum and blockchain technology in general, ensure a shared governance that will allow real ownership of our data. Our goal at Status is to provide the capacity to construct and use everyday tools in the decentralized network, as we build this new internet. We want to allow all users, not only developers, access to a simple, familiar experience through a smartphone.”

Status is one of the most successful ICOs to ever launch. The company raised more than $100 million in the first three hours of its token sale, leading to widespread excitement about its future potential.

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