Hacked: Hacking Finance

Hacked: Hacking Finance

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Privatoria Ensures Privacy for Web Users, Preventing Identity Tracking and Hacking

Posted on November 15th, 2016.

With Internet privacy increasingly under attack, web users have to consider ways to ensure they won’t fall victim to a breach or have their online activity exposed to unwanted external parties.   A subscription-based Internet privacy service called Privatoria provides web traffic encryption services to protect everyday web users...



vDice.io, The World’s First Full Decentralized Gambling Platform

Posted on November 2nd, 2016.

vDice.io, having launched in June as the first fully-decentralized betting game for the first programmable P2P network, will host a crowdsale from November 15 to December 15. In exchange for Ether (ETH), investors will receive “vSlice” tokens, each of which is directly tied to the profits of the game. The “vSlice” token will regularly...


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Trust.Zone VPN Use Skyrockets amid User-Tracking Concerns on the Internet

Posted on October 6th, 2016.

Trust.Zone, an anonymous VPN, has garnered a huge amount of attention from VPN review sites in a very short time period, demonstrating the major concern Internet users have over privacy nowadays. Based in Mahe, Seychelles, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, Trust.Zone faces no requirement to retain data on its servers. No outside court...