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Speedtest Hastens to Drop Flash

Speedtest Hastens to Drop Flash

by Samburaj DasDecember 8, 2015

It’s raining punches on Adobe’s Flash and has been for a few years of late. Speedtest, the world’s most popular bandwidth speed tester is now experimenting a beta version of an HTML5-based speed test, well on its way to drop Flash completely.

Ookla’s is among the most popular websites in the world and for good reason. It is the default tool for internet users to check if their ISPs are delivering on the promised speeds. Fundamentally, it is among the most widely used instant tools on the internet and there isn’t a simpler way to check your internet speed. Speedtest is already great and it is only about to get even better.

Ookla is already testing a beta version of Speedtest with a new domain and the website completely discards Flash to embrace HTML5.  Go ahead, have a look here, if you haven’t already.

Gone are the loading and the metered animations to be replaced with a minimalist and straightforward speed test that isn’t a resource hog.

Flash Is Seeing a Slow Death

YouTube Finally Ditches Flash for HTML5Adobe’s Flash has frequently been an easy target for security professionals, developers and end-users. A lightning rod for exploits and an extensive list of vulnerabilities have had even Adobe make a recent announcement to ask developers to drop Flash and adopt newer, safer and more accepted web standards such as HTML 5.

The proverbial nails in Flash’s coffin began with Apple founder Steve Jobs’ damning thoughts on Flash’s security concerns and performance issues.

Earlier this year, Youtube announced it will stream all videos using HTML5 by default, switching over from Flash.

Hacked has previously reported on Russian hackers using a vulnerability in Flash to target foreign governments. Mozilla made headlines in July when it blocked Flash within its flagship Firefox browser, citing serious security vulnerabilities. Those vulnerabilities count as a few among many reported by Hacked this year.

It’s only a matter of time before other major online platforms and websites drop Flash. Netflix, are you listening?

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