SpaceX Focuses Satellite Operations in Seattle, Washington

elon musk faceSpaceX has always been an ambitious venture by modern-day Tony Stark, Elon Musk. From space taxis to rocket launches, competing alongside Virgin Galactic and NASA, SpaceX has done their best to look to the skies for opportunity above the clouds. When it comes to manufacturing purposes though, Musk needed to find a home base on Earth. The official SpaceX headquarters may be in Hawthorne, Calif., but the future of their satellite operations will be coming to Seattle, Washington.

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SpaceX Plans for Seattle Satellites

According to Musk, during an interview with Bloomberg, SpaceX plans to employ “several hundred, maybe a thousand,” people at their Seattle facility.

“We’re going to try and do for satellites what we’ve done for rockets.”

As said previously, the Seattle facility is going to focus mostly on satellites; however, Musk wants the venture to serve a larger purpose. Musk hopes that one day, humans will be able to establish a settlement on Mars, and this commercial interest will generate revenue for his ambitions in the Martian space race. Additionally, Musk wants to bring “unfettered” Internet access at a “very low cost” to consumers around the world using his micro-satellites.

Musk also said that SpaceX may even hire a few engineers they’ve had their eye on who “just refuse to live in L.A.” But even while they’re hiring, some engineers may want to think long and hard before accepting a job, according to reports that Musk is a bad employer.

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Currently, the office is looking to hire 60 employees before reaching Musk’s goal of 1,000 in three or four years. There are six job openings currently on their website.

Musk is certainly ambitious in his ideas for the future, but he’s someone that seems to be willing to create rather than speculate. Recently, Musk tweeted that he’s working on self-operating metal snakes for his other company, Tesla Motors. Someone with an idea as crazy as that might just propel the world into a realm of science fiction faster than anticipated.

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