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Sources Say Congressional Leaders Knew of Democratic Hacking a Year Ago

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Sources Say Congressional Leaders Knew of Democratic Hacking a Year Ago


A year ago U.S. intelligence officials are reported to have informed congressional leaders that Russian hackers were attacking the Democratic Party, reports CNBC.

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According to reports, lawmakers weren’t able to inform the targets about the hacking due to the secrecy of the information.

The unveiling of the information would have revealed that the hacking was being continually monitored by the U.S. intelligence agencies.

However, it was only last month that the alleged hacking of the Democratic Party and the Russians was revealed when the FBI announced that they were investigating a cyber attack at the DNC.

Last summer in a congressional briefing CNBC reports that those in the know included four Republicans: Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell and House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan, and Senator Richard Burr and Representative Devin Nunes, the House and Senate intelligence committee chairs.

Their Democratic counterparts included Senator Harry Reid and Representative Nancy Pelosi, and Senator Dianne Feinstein and Representative Adam Schiff of the intelligence committees.

Nancy Pelosi is reported to have called the hacking an ‘electronic Watergate,’ believing that the Russians were behind it.

The Last to Know

The DNC claim, however, that they only learned about the alleged hacking months after the first briefing with congressional leaders. When they were informed, though, CNBC reports that the FBI agent failed to tell them intelligence officials thought Russian hackers were behind it.

Further attacks after this involved the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

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