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Snap – Formerly Snapchat – Ventures into Wearable Market with “Spectacles”

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Snap – Formerly Snapchat – Ventures into Wearable Market with “Spectacles”


This article was posted on Wednesday, 13:56, UTC.

Two major things happened with Snapchat late September this year. First, it changed its name from Snapchat to simply Snap. Secondly, the company announced its new product called “Spectacles.”

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Snap came into public – mostly millennials – consciousness with its mobile app that allows users to take photos and videos and share it instantly with friends.

On Google Play alone, Snapchat has been downloaded roughly 100 million times.

On September 24, the company announced that its new product called Spectacles will be available soon.

The company describes Spectacles as sunglasses with an integrated video camera. The video camera is said to be capable of taking a day’s worth of photos and videos with just a single charge.

Snap’s Spectacles Versus Google’s Glass

Aside from Snap, Google is the other digital company that ventured into the glasses or sunglasses domain.

The main similarity between the two is that they both can be connected to other digital devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The two major differences between Snap’s Spectacles and Google’s Glass are the price and design.

According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), which originally reviewed Snap’s Spectacles, one sunglasses will only cost $130. Google’s Glass, on the other hand, was priced at a hefty $1,500.

When it comes to design, Spectacles and Glass – other than they are wearable devices for the eyes – are designed differently. Glass’ design closely resembles reading glasses. On the other hand, the Spectacles closely resembles the 1980s hip sunglasses.

Regarding video quality, Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snap, told WSJ that the Spectacles’ camera, which uses a 115-degree-angle lens, closely resembles the human eyes’ natural field of view.

As Spectacles is still an unreleased product, it is too early to really measure the video quality and other features. It is also too early to say if it would suffer the same fate as the Google Glass.

In January 2015, Google announced that it would stop selling Google Glass to the public. In a statement, Google said, “In the meantime, we’re continuing to build for the future, and you’ll start to see future versions of Glass when they’re ready. (For now, no peeking.)”

Featured image from Snap.

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