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Skype is Unavailable Across the World

Skype is Unavailable Across the World

by Ali RazaSeptember 21, 2015

The popular video-calling service Skype is currently unavailable. Users around the world are unable to make calls. A spokesperson from Skype says the problem is with the status settings of the service.

Skype-users are reporting problems when using Skype – people in their contact lists appear to be offline despite the fact that they are online on their systems. This means that users cannot make internet calls to their own contacts. The problem was first reported around 9.15 am UK time.

Skype’s spokesperson made a statement over the issue on Skype’s website, saying that there is apparently an issue with the status settings of Skype. As a result, people appear to be offline while in reality they are online. It also means that users will be unable to change their status settings till this problem is fixed. Users can, therefore, not make any internet calls.

Skype apologized to its customers on their website as well as social media platforms like Twitter, with the company saying that the issue has been identified and they are working on a quick fix.

We’re working on a fix for this issue and hope to have an update for you soon. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused while we get this resolved.

While the internet call feature is temporarily unavailable due to the problem in the status settings of Skype, the instant messaging feature is unaffected. Although this gives users some respite, it did not stop them from venting their frustration on social media.

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  • ΔИθᴎЎϻɸᵿƧ

    Since Skype is owned by Microsoft, last I heard anyway, this is hardly surprising. If Skype were owned by the U.S. government, it would be a complete clusterf**k

  • The Earth Plan

    more reason to use this service – secure p2p – chk it out

  • Jim Brown

    OK, time to throw down your bets…….
    I’m saying attacked by a U.S. government alphabet agency,
    but the “NEWS” will say it was done by the Russian government or
    some “terrorist” group.
    I’m also betting that it will stay down at least until
    the next planned False Flag event.
    This is because they want only the “official” prerecorded
    video with all the CGI effects to be the only way you can see it.
    Maybe we’ll get to see some of the “black ops” UFOs they’ve
    been working on for the last 40 years, complete with
    human actors in alien costumes and makeup.

  • Ivo Oscar Faleiro

    This is a small price we all have to pay because of the terrorists who are misusing the Skype.

  • Haha. If anyone believes this excuse, it’s absolutely not true. The amount of backup servers globally that Microsoft has cannot excuse the fact that this problem would’ve been fixed in 30 seconds. Skype can be put into the same basket as Google, Amazon, or even the Microsoft website itself, etc.

    With Round Robin and Daisy Chain servers the way they are now, when Amazon went dark (or Facebook e.g.) earlier in the year, the servers were back online in seconds. Buy blaming this on “settings” Skype gets away with some nice damage control (spin) because there are Fortune 500 companies around the world using Skype internally. It’s inexcusable as to how long this downtime lasted.

    The reason I’m here for this article is to find out what happened last night, as I, myself, was in a meeting across the world, and we both went down together – resorting to an IM app to finish the rest of the meeting. I can only imagine what kind of corporate meetings (in Asia, EU, e.g.) were cut down as they were going on live.

    Pretty embarrassing for a company, especially with the resources that Skype has. And to be sure, if… IMO it was… a hack or takedown, we would never hear about it in the news. Just as we can (pretty much) never can find out about the changelogs when we are forced to update the program itself.

    2 cents