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Shadow Brokers’ NSA Hacking Raises Questions about Government Disclosure of Leaks

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Shadow Brokers’ NSA Hacking Raises Questions about Government Disclosure of Leaks


This article was posted on Thursday, 10:17, UTC.

The hacking of the National Security Agency (NSA) security tools by the Shadow Brokers raises some serious questions about what information the NSA should be releasing, according to eweek.com. The balance between the NSA’s need to protect its hacking capabilities and the need to protect U.S. computers has to be addressed in light of the recent breach, several security observors have noted. The NSA did not notify the software vendors of the recent Shadow Brokers hacking. The Shadow Brokers announced on Twitter on Aug. 13 they would auction off cyber-espionage tools taken from the Equation Group, which is widely considered…

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