My Secret Investment in July: Investing $3 600 in a..

For the last 3 months, I’ve invested 33% of my income – as a part of the 33% Club – in just one asset, the Corporate Bond Fund named Deutsche Invest I Eu Hi Yld Corp LC with ISIN number LU0616839501. I know, it’s a bit boring but safer than investing in stocks (or cryptos). My end goal is to gain money over a longer period, and to “Never Lose Money“. I also want to have the opportunity to save enough money through what I feel are low-risk investments, and then be able to shift into golden opportunities that might arise through a market crash (buy opportunity) or similar major events.

Below I’ll share my “secret investment” that I’ve invested in as a part of my 33% pledge.

Investing $3 600 in Funcom

Funcom (ISIN: NL0000062461) is a gaming company registered on Oslo Stock Exchange. Funcom develops desktop games, where the most successful game they have released is Conan Exiles (see trailer below). They sold almost 500 000 games the first 28 days in January/February 2017.

When that is said, Funcom has had many issues. They had to do an emission last year at one quarter of the original share price (which sparked controversy in Norway), and they have been struggling to be profitable. I’ve never really felt any desire to invest in them, until now.

Stock price of Funcom in NOK

As you can see from the stock price of Funcom for the last 5 years (above), you can see that the recent spike (up to 5+ NOK per share) happened after the launch of Conan Exiles. It has since been pushed down with 50% to 2,46 NOK per share. I do not want to buy stocks in a company that is continuously losing money, but it looks like they have managed to turn things around. In Q1 2017 they delivered their strongest result ever, with an EBITDA of 6,7 million USD:

What is more interesting the release of Conan Exiles on Xbox in Q3 and a full launch of the game in Q1 2018 (desktops, Xbox & Playstation). They are also involved in other projects that will be released in 2018, and they have formed a partnership with Bearded Dragon to release a turn based multiplayer game:

Funcom N.V. has entered into an agreement with Bearded Dragon International LTD regarding the development support and publishing of a new game.

The game is in the “tactical turn-based strategy” genre and is planned to be released during 2018.

Initial platform will be PC, with consoles to be evaluated after the PC launch.

More information about the game will be revealed when PR and Marketing activities are initiated prior to release.

This activity is part of Funcom’s strategy of releasing multiple game titles per year, providing significant activities more often and building a larger portfolio of products.

If you look at the gaming market in total, the market is rapidly growing. And what I hope is that Funcom will be able to enter the eSports arena soon with their games. eSports is massive, and I want to be a part of it one way or the other.

So, what’s my strategy?

Funcom is a small company with a market cap of 82 million USD. As I’ve written earlier, I want to find a company, or multiple companies, where I can accumulate shares and take a bigger part of the company’s strategy. Funcom could be a company I would like to be more involved in in the coming years. For now, I want to invest regularly in Funcom and monitor their quarterly results closely. My goal is to get a board position within the next 5 years and be one of their main shareholders. Then I can take the company to the next level. Big goal, but it can be done.

My Current Investments

Date Invested Investment in NOK Invested in Name Current Total Value in NOK Total invested Difference
27.04.2017 10 000 Corporate Bond Fund Deutsche Invest I Eu Hi Yld Corp LC 10 072 10 000 +72
09.05.2017 31 564 Corporate Bond Fund Deutsche Invest I Eu Hi Yld Corp LC 41 504 41 564 -64
08.06.2017 25 782 Corporate Bond Fund Deutsche Invest I Eu Hi Yld Corp LC 67 740 67 343 +397
05.07.2017 30 000 Stock Funcom 98 619 97 343 +1 276
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