Scotland Yard Charge Man for Terrorism Over Encrypted Blog

U.K.’s Scotland Yard is accusing a Cardiff man on six counts of terrorism after he was arrested last month by Scotland Yard’s counterterrorism squad.

In a pre-planned and pro-active investigation by the MPS Counter Terrorism Command, which is supported by the Wales Extremism and Counter Terrorism Unit (WECTU), 33-year-old Samata Ullah, who is a suspected ISIS member, was arrested in a street in Cardiff.

A detailed breakdown of the six terrorism charges can be found on the Metropolitan Police website.

As reported by Ars Technica, Ullah, was accused on one count of preparation of terrorism ‘by researching an encryption programme, developing an encrypted version of his blog site, and publishing the instructions around the use of [the] programme on his blog site.’

He has also been accused of knowingly providing instruction in the use of encryption programmes that were being used for terrorist purposes.

He has been remanded in custody by Westminster Magistrates’ Court and will appear at the Old Bailey on October 28.

Interestingly, enough, one Reddit user, Withabeard, recently published a comment stating that Ullah ‘hasn’t been charged for helping terrorists’, but that he’s ‘been charged for having an encrypted blog’ and that ‘the reason authorities have chosen to charge him, is because that blog may contain material that helps terrorists.’

Withabeard, who mentions that he uses encryption every day and trains staff to use encryption, goes on to say that:

It shouldn’t matter what the encryption was going to be used for, no-one should ever be charged with doing that.

However, another user, Hesh582, hits back by stating:

He was charged with a terrorist offense. The encryption was part of it, but the ‘purpose of terrorism’ bit is why it was criminal. Training someone to use encryption for non-terrorist purposes is not illegal. Replace ‘encryption’ with ‘gun’. It’s not illegal to train someone to use a gun (though there are obviously regulations there). It is illegal to train a terrorist to use a gun for terrorism.

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