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October 21, 2015

92% of Earth-Like Habitable Planets Are Not Born Yet

According to a theoretical study published yesterday in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, only about 8% of habitable planets existed at the birth of our solar system, leaving 92% to form over the coming millennia.

Far-fetched as it may seem, the scientists responsible for the report stand behind their reasoning. Speaking to the Global Post, Peter Behroozi, an author of the study, said, “Our main motivation was understanding the Earth’s place in the context of the rest of the universe. Compared to all the planets that will ever form in the universe, the Earth is actually quite early.”

The study’s scientists developed a “family photo” album of [...]

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September 10, 2015

Short VR Film ‘Dirrogate’ Offers Intriguing Preview of Future Tech Wonders

Science fiction writer and Virtual Reality (VR) developer Clyde DeSouza has produced a short VR Graphic Novel, Dirrogate, based on his near-future science fiction novel, Memories with Maya. Dirrogate is an early example of VR Cinema intended for VR headsets like Oculus Rift or Gear VR, but for those who don’t have yet a VR headset DeSouza has posted a spherical video version to Vrideo and YouTube.

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July 20, 2015

Yes, Mr. Robinson, We Can Go To The Stars

Aurora, the new science fiction novel of Kim Stanley Robinson, is a totally awesome masterpiece that will keep you glued to the book until you finish reading. Yet, Robinson’s grim views on the possibility of interstellar colonization seem overly pessimistic.

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July 16, 2015

Cthulhu Hides in the Mountains of Madness on Pluto

NASA’s probe New Horizons has reached Pluto, called home, and started sending pictures. The first detailed images sent back to Earth show a range of icy mountains rising as high as 11,000 feet (3,500 meters) above the surface of the dwarf planet.

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