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Samsung Ventures Backs Fove Virtual Reality Headset

Samsung Ventures Backs Fove Virtual Reality Headset

by Alex GoraleJune 29, 2015

fove devFove is on a mission to unlock the essence of Virtual Reality. The eye-tracking headset reached it’s Kickstarter goal 72 hours after its campaign was launched. Samsung Ventures Japan committed additional funding to add extra functionality to the product.

Fove is equipped with infrared cameras that read subtle eye movements. The additional hardware reveals new ways to interact, as well as more precise control, in virtual realities.

Yuka Kojima, CEO and co-founder of FOVE, said: “With this new investment and from our Kickstarter community, we will work diligently in making FOVE development possible on a large scale. Our goal is to further advance the virtual reality market”

“Imagine being in a horror video game where shadows move out of the corner of your eye. You blink and suddenly are in a different part of the world” told Scott Harper, Fove Creative Director.

Eye tracking adds surprisingly realistic human interactions to game developers’ toolkits. Fove could potentially solve the problem of feeling face-to-face with someone to the user experience. For the first time game environments can know where you are looking on the screen; giving in-game characters the ability to make eye contact with the player.

Foveated Rendering
The technology permits Foveated Rendering – focusing on a specific area where the eyes are looking. Only Fove is working on this technology in the Virtual Reality space.

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Thanks to the Samsung Investment Fove makers announced the virtual reality headset would support Steam’s Lighthouse technology. Additionally, the device would support the OSVR standard. Support for Lighthouse will mean Fove will go beyond head and eye tracking and use base stations to track body position as well. Using the dual tower system in opposite ends of a room and Fove can track user’s interaction with their environment.

Images from Fove.

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