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Samsung Smart TVs Will Be Able To Play Playstation Games Without a Playstation Soon

Samsung Smart TVs Will Be Able To Play Playstation Games Without a Playstation Soon

by Drew CordellJanuary 5, 2015

Sony and Samsung have recently announced that the PlayStation Now game service will launch on certain Samsung smart TVs in early 2015 in the U.S. and Canada. Owners of select models of Samsung TVs will be able to stream PlayStation games on their TVs without owning a PlayStation console.

The two companies have not announced whether older models of TVs will work with the service or if users will need to own a 2015 Samsung smart TV. Samsung is set to make an announcement with more details in January when they demonstrate the PlayStation Now during the Consumer Electronics Show.

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Up until now, games on TVs have been remakes of games such as Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies. With PlayStation Now, consumers will be able to play games on their smart TVs that were designed for the big screen rather than mobile screens. Samsung is the first TV manufacturer to partner with Sony to bring a wide selection of PlayStation games to smart TV users. With this partnership, Samsung can push their hardware and present expanded entertainment options for the consumer as well as diversify the apps they offer.

Limited purchases required

Playstation nowSimilar to other apps on Samsung TVs, PlayStation Now will be downloaded from the Smart Hub. TV owners will need to purchase a Dual Shock 4 control to play the games as they would not be playable from a standard TV remote. PlayStation Now offers over 200 games from the PlayStation 3 catalog including several blockbuster titles. Samsung’s smart TVs will be the first non-Sony devices to offer PlayStation games.

This movement suggests that there is room in the gaming industry for TV-based gaming. Smart TVs have great capabilities that are not fully utilized by the standard shell of apps. Much like mobile gaming, TV gaming could become a larger entity as the capabilities of TVs increase. The partnership between Samsung and Sony will likely shake the gaming industry as millions of people start gaming on their smart TVs in early 2015.

Images from Samsung and Sony.

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