Romance App Nanaya Forecasts Love

Nanaya is a new web service that uses science, algorithms, and the power of big data to help you make romantic and social decisions. An early version of Nanaya will be available at the end of February, and it is likely to evolve as more data comes in from users.

Nanaya is not a matchmaking site or a personality quiz, but a new concept of decision-making web application that affirms your personal and romantic decisions.The algorithm behind Nanaya is based on principles of advanced statistics that are used daily in finance, science, and industry. Now you can practically apply these mathematics to your life, regardless of whether you are currently in a committed relationship or looking for a new partner.

There is no such thing as the perfect partner. There is no such thing as the perfect relationship. Engaging in a long-term relationship or marriage can raise many uncertainties and personal conflicts. For those who haven’t considered long-term compatibility, a relationship may be fraught with unmet expectations and hardship. Those who dwell on uncertainty may find themselves too anxious to commit. While matchmaking sites can help you meet particular people, Nanaya helps inform your romantic decisionmaking and future planning.

Nanaya Helps You to Reflect on What You Want in Life

Love treeThere is so much of the human experience, especially love, which cannot be made into a number. Even so, sociologists and statisticians have been quantifying personality and compatibility for many years. Millions have used personality testing and compatibility-based scoring to find love through online dating. Nanaya leverages the same personality data along with user details, such as life goals, to provide a romantic forecast.

New Scientist has a story about Nanaya’s founder Rashied Amini, who started the project when he was going through a break-up and wanted something to turn his attention to. He says:

I want people to be open-minded when they’re going into [Nanaya], but obviously I also don’t want people following it blindly. Nanaya helps you to reflect on what you want in life.

Yesterday we reported that Cambridge University researchers have found that, based on enough Facebook Likes, computers can judge your personality traits better than your friends, family, and even your partner. Using a new algorithm, researchers have calculated the average number of Likes that Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs need to draw personality inferences about you as accurately as your partner or parents.

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A Nanaya whitepaper titled “‘Should I break up with my girlfriend? Will I find another?’ Or: An Algorithm for the Forecasting of Romantic Options” is available on the scientific article repository arXiv. The Nanaya algorithm is currently being developed into a service that will be available in 2015 for the general public. In the meantime, we can take some preliminary personality tests at the Nanaya website. I took one of their preliminary tests, which got me better than the Cambridge Facebook analysis. Some psychologists, though, are sceptical about Nanaya’s potential because attraction between people is difficult to predict.

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