Is Robot Sex Something To Expect in the Future?

To some people following Futurology, the fantasy of a cyborg culture comes with more oddities than just biomedical convergence. When opening the door to robotics and artificial intelligence, there’s a certain caveat to the discussion of whether robots will co-exist with humans or combine with them: Sex.

According to French artist César Vonc’s work, robots may be able to have sex with humans, or other robots, in the future. He created a 3D image through Octane Render of a robot cut in half to reveal with the innards might look like, also including reproductive organs.

Along that same line of thought, novelist George Zarkadakis wrote for The Telegraph on the idea that robot sex could be the future of life on Earth. In his opinion, robot sex could lead to reproduction.

“Perhaps the future of artificial intelligence will be both silicon- and carbon-based: digital brains directing complex molecular structures to copulate at the nanometre level and reproduce. Perhaps the cyborgs of the future may involve human participation in robot sexual reproduction, and the creation of new, hybrid species.”

Whether the thought is chilling or inspiring, it’s a fascinating concept to consider. Could robotics innovate to the point where robots look like that of Vonc’s art and reproduce like Zarkadakis theorizes? Surely they’d have to act similar to humans before being able to mate in today’s society in a cross-biological fashion, given that they possess the technology to reproduce at all.

Interestingly enough, the world may not be far off from robots acting as humans in a sexual fashion.

Robot Sex In The Strip Club

Robot Sex HackedWhile there haven’t been any human strippers replaced with robot strippers, it doesn’t look like the actual technology is far off. In March, artist Jordan Wolfson created an art piece called (Female Figure) 2014 to display at a live art exhibition called 14 Rooms.

The robot may be missing the upper half of its face and has sharp, pointy teeth, but it moves in a way that some people could find pleasing. It’s not robot sex, but it’s robot “sexy” dancing. It’s also incredibly creepy.


The creepiest part of (Female Figure) 2014 is that the eyes find someone in the room to stare through. From an up-close video, the skin looks almost real, and the eyes glisten in a horrifyingly accurate way.

While the piece was not meant to showcase robot sex, it inadvertently shows that there’s room for innovation and improvement within the potential robot sex industry.

If robot sex is where the future is heading, the implications for artificial intelligence, religion and evolution all are devastating. Society as we know if will need to consider every aspect of our belief system to be able to come to an understanding on the idea.

Robot sex is a notion that could turn the world upside down. The real question is not whether or not it will happen, but how long before the possibilities come to fruition. With enough time, resources and innovation, almost anything is possible. Technology is constantly advancing, paving the way for strange new ventures.

Image courtesy of Selficide-Stock from Deviant Art and Shutterstock.

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