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Social media is abuzz with the news that Instagram’s founders are leaving the company and handing the keys over to Mark Zuckerberg.

When they initially sold Instagram to Facebook for $1 billion in 2012, Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom were kept in post, to manage the creative development of the rapidly growing platform.

However, after many clashes with their parent company and its founder over politics and product features, it seems the two are ready to move on to their next adventure.

Several $FB holders that I’ve spoken with recently have shrugged off the recent trend of users migrating away from Facebook by stating that the social network giant has managed to buy out most of the competition.

After the co-founder of WhatsApp famously urged his followers to delete facebook in April, the bigger question now becomes, will Zuckerberg manage to retain the attention of the public while those responsible for building up these platforms are working against him.

Facebook’s stock has had a rather turbulent year so far. It will be interesting to see how the shares open up today.

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Today’s Highlights

  • Knife to Throat Negotiations
  • Don’t Rush Central Bankers
  • Backtracking Crypto Slander

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Traditional Markets

Stocks in Asia are down sharply today, as authorities are using vivid imagery as a negotiating tool with the United States.

It’s clear that China is willing to talk and the latest rhetoric seems to be more about respect than leverage. A gentle reminder that it’s difficult to negotiate when you’re backed into a corner.

The China50 index has now revealed a new trading range (solid yellow lines) between 10,750 and 12,000 points. Both of these levels have proven to be critical junctures (dotted yellow lines) over the last two years.

In Japan, on the other hand, stocks are flying as the central bank has offered even more support to the market.

Central Bank Yapping

The Bank of Japan has been among the most aggressive institutions when it comes to monetary policy and quantitative easing. A speech this morning from BoJ governor Kuroda confirms that this attitude isn’t about to change…

This means that, despite printing trillions of Yen and owning more than 75% of Japan’s ETFs, the Bank hasn’t quite accomplished its goals yet.

In a surprise turn of events, Governor Kuroda did acknowledge that there may be side effects to this aggressive policy. Yet, he insists that the bank is ready to ease further if needed.

Over in Europe, Mario Draghi from the European Central Bank is making waves of his own, saying that there has been a “relatively vigorous pick-up in inflation.”

Personally, I’m wondering how to interpret this statement. What does “relatively vigorous” mean, anyway?

Nonetheless, any sort of pick-up in inflation, no matter what adjectives we use to describe it, could move the ECB’s timetable forward. We’re seeing a relatively vigorous pick-up in the Euro, which is now testing $1.18.

Tomorrow, we’ll get a critical interest rate decision from the US Federal Reserve, with the odds in favour of a 0.25% hike. More on that in tomorrow’s update. Trading stands a good chance of being muted going into the announcement.

Crypto Backtracking

As crypto prices seem to be walking back their gains from last week, another financial institution seems to be backtracking on their crypto policy.

The Bank of International Settlements has put out a new study, which reveals that news events regarding crypto regulations do in fact have a fair impact on market prices.

As indicated above, their report includes the following statement…

This represents a complete turnaround in the BIS’s sentiment towards cryptocurrencies and comes in stark contrast to a statement made in February by BIS General Manager…

So not only have they flipped their opinion of whether or not it should be traded, they’re now giving advice to cryptotraders on how to trade. Hooray!!

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