Q&A With Jonas Borchgrevink: The Money Makers Club

The Money Makers club launched this past Friday with 10 members. We have a quite diverse membership base with individuals from the following sectors:

  • Health Care
  • Real Estate
  • Shipping
  • Investments
  • 3D Printing
  • IT

Our members are located in Asia, Europe and in the US. Since we got that many interesting members, we are now starting with a special Q&A of all members, starting with me on Thursday. This will be a live Google Hangout where members in the Money Makers Club can get to know me and my projects.

We have opened up for 15 more members in the Money Makers Club, and there are still 13 available seats if you are interested in joining the club.

We will start to host events this coming fall/winter, where all will be invited including Hacked.com members.

If you want to join the Q&A and the Money Makers club, please click here.

I’m going to be more active on Twitter and I welcome any discussions there. You may also add me on LinkedIn.

Hope to see as many of you in the Q&A on Thursday.

Founder of Hacked.com and CryptoCoinsNews