Pre-register For Private Consultation

As I wrote on Workplace yesterday, I’m going to offer private consultation to 10 to 20 people on a monthly basis and give them the tools and knowledge that I’ve been using in both entrepreneurship, business and investing.

You probably know that I have a strong passion for helping people become more financially independent and to give them the necessary tools to live a more meaningful life.

I’m not just going to offer 1-1 consultation or mentoring, but:

  1. Consultation with monthly calls
  2. Establishing mission and monthly OKRs
  3. Exclusive help
  4. Become a part of a closed network where the goal is to make money
  5. Be invited to conferences and meetups in the future

The cost is not decided yet, but it will be around 199 USD per month.

You can read more about what I’m planning to offer here:

You can pre-register here and I’ll get back to you in mid- to late August.

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