Pre-Market: Selling Resumes as Dollar Extends Rally

Global stocks are sharply lower today after the US open, as a bearish Asian session was followed by a lackluster European showing, and the major US indices also opened lower, erasing yesterday’s gains. Emerging markets are still to be blamed for the current selloff, even as the underlying cause is still the global tightening cycle and the Dollar’s rally.

S&P 500, 4-Hour Chart Analysis

The Chinese stock market and the Yuan led the way lower today, with the Shanghai Composite getting close to hitting new bear market lows, and with the currency hitting fresh 13-month lows. European stocks also continued their relatively weak streak, with the DAX trading at the lowest level since the end of June. The undoubtedly leading US benchmarks are all down by more than 1% today, but they are still close to their all-time highs, even as the divergences are just getting deeper and deeper.

Shanghai Composite, 4-Hour Chart Analysis

The Turkish Lira is still in the center of attention, as the battered currency added to yesterday’s gains after the Turkish central bank intervened in the interbank markets. The bank made it harder to short the Lira, which in effect also make it harder to hedge against the decline of the currency, so basically the country started on the road of capital controls.

USD/TRY, Daily Chart Analysis

While preventing a run on the currency is a legitimate goal, by not changing its confrontative stance and not taking steps to clam the market, the risk of a massive capital flight is still very high. The broad rally in the Dollar is just making matters worse for the country, and contagion is far from being dodged by global markets at this point.

With several European markets being closed the large pre-market moves are not a surprise, even as the key economic indicators leaned bullish before the bell. The most awaited US retail sales report was a sizeable beat in both the headline, and the more reliable core figure, although the previous numbers were revised lower. The Empire State Index was also well above the consensus estimate, but US industrial Production missed, similarly to yesterday’s Chinese and European indicators in the segment.

Dollar Break-Out Continues

EUR/USD, 4-Hour Chart Analysis

The US Dollar’s surge is arguably the most important trend globally, and the reserve currency confirmed its break-out to new 13-month highs today, as the EUR/USD pair hit 1.13, the GBP/USD pair trading with a 1.26 handle for the first time in a year, and with commodities suffering heavy losses again.

Copper Futures, 4-Hour Chart Analysis

We have been following copper’s struggle to stay above the key support zone near $2.7, and today’s Asian weakness sealed the faith of the commodity for a while as Dr. Copper hit a new 14-month low itself, signaling that more trouble is ahead for China and the commodity-complex.

Gold is also at levels not seen since early 2017, and crude oil gave up its recent bounce falling to an 8-week low, getting close to $65 per barrel with regards to the WTI contract.

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