Pre-Market: All Eyes on the FED and the Dollar (Again)

FED-Days usually bring very special sessions with a choppy illiquid environment before the “big announcement”, an almost usual stop hunting spike in both directions right after the release, and a rather random, but strong trend in the close that usually defines trading for the next days.

For this reason, a lot of traders like to take the day off until the FED-decision, and only trade after the event. Why are we talking about this today? Because although there is no interest rate decision this month, the meeting minutes of last month will be published this evening, and what moves the market in this period is rate expectations, not actual decisions.

And by the market, we mean basically all traditional asset classes, and through the rising trend in yields and the consequences of that, rate expectations arguably affect the cryptocurrency segment as well. So what do we expect from the FED? Nothing. We will leave that to the rest of the players, and trade upon the reaction of the market; after all that is what counts. At the end of the day, central banks will try to prop up the market, we can take that for granted.

S&P 500, 4-Hour Chart Analysis

The overnight session in stock futures was in line with the above-mentioned expectations for a quasi-Fed day, with no clear trend in Asia or Europe, and very choppy price action across the board. Yesterday’s late-session decline is still weighing on investors sentiment, but there are clearly positive signs as well, even as we remain bearish for the coming weeks.

The key levels to watch are still the same, the 2735 and 2700 levels in the S&P 500 (25350 and 24800 in the Dow), and the Nasdaq could remain crucial to keep the hopes of bulls up, should it retain its relative strength.

Dollar-Yield Correlation Switch?

EUR/USD, 4-Hour Chart Analysis

Currency traders might have noticed a subtle shift between US Treasury Yields and the Dollar since the Volatility-Armageddon (actually a bit later than that). In the “old regime” the rise in yields was through the changes in rate-expectations was actually hurting the value of the Dollar, while lately, that negative correlation disappeared and even reversed briefly.

Why is that so important? Because the previous correlation helped the rally in US equities as yields rose, while the new regime could mean that European and Asian stocks will finally gather relative strength, should yields continue to rise. Tonight we might get closer to the solution of this puzzle, as the reaction to the FED-minutes will show how correlations are shaping up now.

Currencies and commodities are also little changed today, although the Dollar continued to edge higher overnight, while enduring a small sell-off as we approached the US open, despite the largely negative European PMI indices.

So watch the Dollar, the Nasdaq, and most of all Treasury Yields today in late trading, and expect choppy conditions until the very end of the US session.

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