Pre-Market: Dollar Jumps as Chinese Troubles Mount

Global stock markets are a tad higher today following the US open, with the main US indices lagging behind somewhat after a hectic overnight session. With forex markets stealing the show yet again, equities tried to maintain their bullish momentum from yesterday, but the after-hours gains were mostly erased thanks to the renewed rally in the US Dollar.

S&P 500 Futures, 4-Hour Chart Analysis

With the economic calendar being empty in Europe and the US, all eyes were on some of the big US banks that reported earnings before the bell, kicking off the earnings season. Wells Fargo (WFC) missed expectations, while JP Morgan (JPM) and posted better than expected numbers, but for now, the market’s reaction is muted, and the two giants have already been diverging in line with today’s surprises in recent months. Citigroup (C) also beat the consensus estimates, but the stock opened lower as the guidance disappointed investors.

WFC, 4-Hour Chart Analysis (JPM Comparison)

Reported earnings are set to hit record highs thanks to the tax cuts and the modest growth in the US, but as usual, the market’s reaction will be more important than the actual numbers, especially given the strong global divergences that we have been monitoring in recent months.

Commodities Mixed as Yuan Tumbles but Dollar Rally Looms

The Chinese trade balance release made the biggest waves so far today, as the record high level of the indicators points to a widening momentum difference, with regards to growth between the two largest economies of the planet. The recent trade conflict between the US and China seems to be hurting the latter country more, and if we look at asset prices, the divide is even more apparent.

USD/Yuan, 4-Hour Chart Analysis

The Chinese Yuan got close to its recent lows against the Dollar after the release and the reserve currency gained ground compared to most of its peers, which is another bad news for emerging market currencies, which remain under pressure.

Copper Futures, 4-Hour Chart Analysis

With the Greenback’s strength weighing on commodities, the relative strength of copper is worth noting, as the battered metal remains above the key support zone that we pointed out earlier this week. Despite the bounce, Dr. Copper is still signaling troubles for the global economy, with the Chinese woes especially hurting the global growth narrative. In the meantime, crude oil is virtually unchanged after the recent volatile period, while gold is testing its recent low near $1240, trying to stabilize in the face of the strong Dollar.

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