Power Ledger (POWR) – The Future of Cheap Electricity

Power Ledger has been exploding over the past couple of days. Jemma Green is the Cofounder of Power Ledger and has recently become the mayor of Perth, Australia. She is a very motivated and strong-willed leader. She is constantly building relationships and developing partnerships, having recently been invited to Richard Branson’s Necker Island for the 2017 Blockchain Summit.

Bill Tai is an advisor and is a graduate of Harvard. He is a very successful entrepreneur and has been a venture capitalist since 1991. Jemma Green was  The leadership team behind Power Ledger is one of the strongest I’ve seen.

What is Power Ledger (POWR)?

Power Ledger empowers consumers to simply trade electricity with one another and receive payment in real-time from an automated and trustless reconciliation and settlement system.

As per the company, POWR provides numerous benefits to stakeholders:

“There are many … immediate benefits such as being able to select a clean energy source, trade with neighbors, receive more money for excess power, benefit from transparency of all your trades on a blockchain and very low-cost settlement costs all leading to lower power bills and improved returns for investments in distributed renewables.”

Power Ledger’s (POWR) current movement is parabolic. There are rumors that there are some big partnerships coming up including one with a Thai power company. Please do your own research.

POWR is moving so fast it is hard to put an exact entry point. However, it will continue to rise in the short-term amid positive news and major partnerships forming. If you look at the above chart, you can see that it recently had its first pull back and minor correction. I believe it could retrace down to .70 cents as the point of resistance and then bounce back to .90 cents and beyond. POWR’s current market cap is $269,798,364. In my opinion, this will be a top 25 coin soon with a market cap reaching the $600,000,000 range, which will be a little over 2x ROI.


Disclaimer: Writer has no investment stake in POWR. 

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