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Popcorn Time Is Still Going Strong despite Netflix’s Global Expansion


Samburaj Das

Samburaj Das

Samburaj is the contributing editor at Hacked and keeps tabs on science, technology and cyber security.


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Popcorn Time Is Still Going Strong despite Netflix’s Global Expansion

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This article was posted on Tuesday, 23:43, UTC.

Movie- and TV shows-streaming platform Popcorn Time is still being used as a go-to viewing resource for users around the world.

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An MPAA-led takedown ensured that headlines were made of the demise of PopcornTime and its streaming resource YTS. YIFY, the group behind YTS was declared to be shut down permanently. An unnamed individual in a quiet suburb in New Zealand was revealed to be the mastermind behind the movie-release operation. All of the above occurred during the final months of 2015.

At the time, the takedowns were heralded as a comprehensive blow to piracy and illegal streaming.

2016 saw Netflix expand globally to a 130 new countries, adding the internet movie and television streaming network’s reach extend to a massive 190 countries.

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Popcorn Time’s Many Variants

Arguably, a majority of the millennials who were far too young or unemployed during the advent of streaming music and downloading movies online are likely to be able to afford a monthly Netflix fee. However, Netflix may have shot itself in the foot with a recent revelation. More on that soon.

PopcornTime’s alternative .se fork is found to be among the top 9000 websites in the world – plenty of traffic for a website that’s essentially the sum of its home-page. There’s an active reddit community for PopcornTime’s CE (Community Edition) and other forks, including the SE variant.

"This Popcorn Time service will never be taken down," says the fork.

“This Popcorn Time service will never be taken down,” says the fork.

The community is still strong for a software that was supposed to be all but dead. Reddit boards are filled with competing chatter and accusations of malware-laden forks. It goes without saying that readers should always proceed with caution while downloading any installer or executable on the internet and the same applies for installers of movie and tv-streaming platforms, illegal or otherwise. The point is, there are numerous forks replacing the original Popcorn Time, enough to compete and engage in flame wars against each other.

A week after Netflix firmly basked in the spotlight and worldwide attention following its expansion, a recent update by the company on its official blog announced that it will strengthen measures to restrict VPN users connecting to Netflix. Before Netflix officially went global, paying users from around the world used unblockers, proxies and VPNs to gain access to the streaming platform. This practice has long been discussed by Netflix, even publicly.

David Fullagar, Vice President of Content Delivery Architecture at Netflix, penned a blog post titled “Evolving Proxy Detection as a Global Service”.

An excerpt from the post reads:

Some members use proxies or “unblockers” to access titles available outside their territory. To address this, we employ the same or similar measures other firms do. This technology continues to evolve and we are evolving with it. That means in coming weeks, those using proxies and unblockers will only be able to access the service in the country where they currently are.

For Fullagar’s part, he begins the note in acknowledging that members only use proxies or unblockers in order to gain access to all content. However, such a measure could, plausibly, put off paying members of Netflix, let alone those that the company is trying to rope in with its new global expansion.

That’s not to say there’s bound to be a mass exodus away from Netflix to other streaming options such as Popcorn Time. However, the very notion of restriction is certain to put off a member who is paying as much as anyone else around the world and yet, is told of the unavailability of programming – due to the location of the user. Furthermore, restrictions are also likely to keep those using free streaming services from trying Netflix and instead continue to use the free resource.

In the meantime, peer-to-peer sharing via torrents, streaming platforms like Popcorn Time and release groups may be squashed. In the age of the distributed internet, there will always be replacements.

Images from PopcornTime.SE

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Samburaj Das

Samburaj Das

Samburaj is the contributing editor at Hacked and keeps tabs on science, technology and cyber security.

  • user

    AUTHOR Dame Judy Denture Cream

    Posted on 3:20 am January 21, 2016.


  • user

    AUTHOR PreZident Moonman

    Posted on 12:26 pm January 21, 2016.

    Netflix is pure evil in a film-can, and it’s business model will inevitably fail, not because of regional programming (which is a dead duck anyway!) but because of it’s complete ignorance of, and destructive approach to other cultures. Like Uber and all those other US-bred, hedge fund-backed so-called “disruptors” (there’s so much indecent wealth behind them they can hardly be called startups!), they believe that anything that stands in their way can be crushed out of existence (so very American!).

    The fact that they also rely on a constant upward stream of people’s hard-earned cash for their overpriced offerings, using the same exploitative model as many other US service-based businesses (trial offers, demand for credit card details, opt out hidden in fine print and obscure website links), smacks of outright desperation! This model was dead even before “money for old rope” became “money for dope and thin air”, since it requires belief in the greatness of all things American.

    Netflix are nothing more than peddlers of mediocrity and schlock, and are a danger to the world. The sooner they sink the better!

  • user

    AUTHOR Anonymous

    Posted on 2:18 pm January 22, 2016.

    The link to `popcorntime.se` in this article does not work, as the `http://` part was forgotten. You might want to fix that :-).

    Other than that, interesting article!

  • user

    AUTHOR Frank tron

    Posted on 3:05 pm January 27, 2016.

    Very good soft. and i found a Spanish & French version, here : http://www.cinemovietime.com

  • user


    Posted on 5:28 pm February 15, 2016.

    What do you guys think of the dutch alternative of popcorntime popcorn time with vpn? VPN Time > https://vpn-time.nl/

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