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Popcorn May Be Dead, but Alternatives Are Already Around

Popcorn May Be Dead, but Alternatives Are Already Around

by Samburaj DasOctober 25, 2015

Popcorn Time has had its run in with problems in the form of developers quitting, its video resource (YTS or YIFY) suffering downtimes and inevitably, the well-funded MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) hounding the movie and TV-show streaming platform.

Most significant of all, the popular website is now dead. While the io fork’s servers may be offline, permanently, bringing curtains to the most popular and used Popcorn Time domain yet, there are other variants of the platform and, whisper it, the domain itself.

Now, a spin-off is in the works from the same creators and developers behind Popcorn Time and it is called Butter, a new project that is intent on taking the legal route.


The developers claim Butter to “basically [be] your beloved Popcorn Time stripped down of the parts that made people wary.”

The “parts” being referred to predominantly pertains to Popcorn Time’s usage of video resource YTS to illegally stream BitTorrent films within the platform’s interface. There are no binaries available for Butter just yet, although it is deemed open-source and can be found on GitHub.

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Staying away from BitTorrent streaming of illegally hosted content, Butter is expected to tap into sources hosting open content such as the Internet Archive. There is also legitimate content for BitTorrent that’s already available and Butter’s developers are encouraging those who want to stream independent cinema and TV shows via Butter.

In a Facebook post on the Butter Project page, ‘Butter’ claims:

I’m a place for people interested in developing apps that stream from torrents without being molested by the law. Once we have that solid core people will be able to build awesome apps like my big brother [] from it.

Another prominent variant that one can readily look up is, a similar domain with a different work and a website that boldly proclaims: “This Popcorn Time service will never be taken down.”


The software is shown to work in several platforms on both mobile and desktop operating systems and even claims to have a built-in VPN for added anonymity for its users.

Meanwhile, will remain open source with the code hosted and available at the developer’s private Gitlab: (currently down at the time of this publishing)

It remains to be seen if a platform like Popcorn Time can truly be squashed by those who have an interest in putting the brakes on such IP-infringing websites that are widely used by masses all around the world. The approach was tried on popular torrent websites such as TorrentSpy, Demonoid & IsoHunt among others in the past and such measures have always resulted in alternatives taking their spots. The infamous and popular PirateBay is still operating to this day, through dozens of proxies set up around the world.

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