Police Spies Use Fake Instagram Accounts

Law enforcement uses social media to enhance its power lying and spying on civilians. It’s no secret that the police spies use fake Instagram accounts and have been creating fictitious Facebook profiles for years. Often using the accounts to spy on suspects. Have you been sent a friend request from a random stranger? Your new ‘friend’ may be FBI.

No search warrant is required for the consensual sharing of this type of information, – William Martini, Federal Judge

For example, officers posing as young women use the accounts to befriend suspected gang members. Police spies use features like ‘Checking In’ to track their locations, gather evidence. In fact, state-sponsored malware has spied on computers for years. Now, a case from New Jersey features evidence proving Police spies use fake Instagram accounts to spy on you.

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Police Spies Use Fake Instagram Accounts, Judge says “OK”

InstagramIn 2012, the NYPD issued a memo to its officers. It stated that police must register these intended arises with the police department. Also, officers must use department-issued laptops. No mention is made of the practice directly violating website terms and conditions.

In a criminal case, United States v. Danial Gatson, police collected data on Gatson via Instagram. Federal Judge, William Martini wrote that not only is the evidence valid but no search warrant is required by agents of the state to begin such collections.

President Bush appointed Martini in 2002. He is one of the twenty-four judges seated on the New Jersey District Court. Martini made his name sentencing the former mayor of Newark to 27 months in prison for corruption. In spite of prosecutors pushing for the maximum sentence of 15 to 20 years.

Martini continues, “Further, defendants are not entitled to demand precise details about the evidence the Government anticipates will be presented at trial…”

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This is not the first time spying programs have found respite with Martini. In 2014, Martini dismissed a case brought by 8 Muslims alleging police targeted them for surveillance. They claimed the NYPD had spied on mosques, schools, and restaurants. Martini wrote in his decision, “The more likely explanation for the surveillance was to locate budding terrorist conspiracies.”

Why do you pay law enforcement to spy on you? Should Police Spies use fake Instagram Accounts? Comment below.

Images from Bloomua and Shutterstock.