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PlayStation Network (PSN) Goes Down

PlayStation Network (PSN) Goes Down

by P. H. MadoreJuly 15, 2015

Yesterday the PlayStation Network (PSN) was so bogged down that the overwhelming majority of users could not reach the service. Dissatisfied users have taken to Twitter to complain about the many PSN outages they have experienced the last weeks.



At present, there is no indication of a hack or a DDoS attack, or any rational explanation for the downtime. PSN was simply down due to overuse, or a server went down and put too big a load on the others.

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The last time the PlayStation Network went down, it was due to hacking by Lizard Squad, carrying out a promised attack against the network on Christmas Day. Eventually, the situation was mitigated by Kim Dotcom, who paid a ransom of Mega subscriptions so that the group would leave the kids alone.

With no information on why the network has been experiencing such difficulties, some in the tech press have taken to making light of a potentially serious situation. As noted above in a tweet, people are paying serious money for these services. If they’re not up 100% of the time, there needs to be a good reason for that.

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  • The US Federal government has been at war with Sony for the last 8 years. They favor Microsoft, and Korean factories prospering over Japanese.
    The FED’s ultimate goal is to bring Sony down to the ground all the way.

  • I hope SOny finds a mroe permanent fix for their Network problems.