Your Personal Digital Security Manager

Never Get Hacked, Blackmailed, Stolen From, or Abused Online. Hire your own Personal Digital Security Manager. Our clients range from wealthy families, business executives, investors, celebrities, influencers, and premium SMBs.
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VIPs and premium SMBs are targeted by both opportunistic hackers and larger malicious groups that can benefit from taking control over their online accounts. Hire us to become your personal digital security manager with 24/7 support.

– Jonas Borchgrevink, Founder & Director of

Email: [email protected]

About Jonas Borchgrevink:

Member of Global Shapers Alumni by World Economic Forum, member of SIKT Alumni, worked with cybersecurity for the past 14 years.

Your Personal Digital Security Manager includes Yearly Security Audits, Recovery of Hacked Accounts, Removal of Harmful Content, & Continuous Support.

We cover: Bank accounts, Mobile Carrier Accounts, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, PayPal, Venmo, LinkedIn, Google Accounts, Gmail / Youtube, Twitter, Microsoft accounts, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail

+ more

Included: Free VPN from NordVPN worth $143.40 per year (per user) & Free Password Manager from NordPass worth $58.98 (per user)

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    Order your Personal Security Manager

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    Schedule a call

    Once payment is confirmed, we will send you a link to schedule a call with Jonas Borchgrevink, founder of

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    Introduction call & Full Security Audit

    After you've scheduled a call, we will connect with you at the agreed time for an introduction call & full security audit.

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    Follow up & Protection

    If you run into any issues, you can schedule a new call with us for immediate assistance free of charge. Yearly security audits are also included.

Personal Manager

One-time setup fee: $599, then $99 per month. Order now and set up your first call.

Family Manager

One-time setup fee: $995, then $199 per month. Includes protection for two adults and up to five children.

Business Manager

Please schedule a free call here.

Stay protected with your Personal Digital Security Manager

Here is our promise to you:

Fully Confidential & Private

We will keep your identity protected and your information confidential.

Full Security Audit

We will initiate a full security audit of all your online accounts and ensure they are 99% unhackable. The remaining 1% is what we call for social engineering weaknesses that have to be taught to our clients.

Hacked Online Accounts

We will help you recover hacked social accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Gmail, Microsoft, PaPal, PSN + more.

Free VPN from NordVPN worth $143.40 per year (per user)

We will help you set up NordVPN and secure your online connections.

Free Password Manager from NordPass worth $58.98 (per user)

We will help you set up NordPass and show you how to manage all your passwords with multiple devices.

ID Theft

We will assist you if your ID has been misused by providing evidence for law enforcement and other precise reactive measures.

Unflattering Search Queries

We have extensive knowledge on how to outrank negative search terms on Google. If you have negative stories about you that you want to remove from Google's first page, we can help you.

Removal of Harmful Information

We will help you remove images, videos, and other sensitive information on the web that is harmful to you or your business.

Monitoring of the Dark Web

We monitor the dark web for any exposed compromising details about your online accounts.

Removal of Abusive Online Comments or Articles

We can help you remove harmful online comments or articles.

Personal Support Manager

We will dedicate a personal support manager that will continue to support you.

Guaranteed Refund & Immediate Cancellation

If you are not happy with our services, we can offer you a full refund of any purchases made and cancel your subscription immediately.

[email protected]

Phone support: +1 334 625 9990
7AM-7PM CDT weekday, 8AM-3PM CDT Saturday
We are not able to answer all calls.
For a guaranteed response, please use email.

We have been recommended to clients by employees at FBI and local law enforcement in the United States. For references, please send us an email.


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