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Pentagon’s new Cyber Security Tool: Cyber Scorecard

Pentagon’s new Cyber Security Tool: Cyber Scorecard

by Ali RazaSeptember 21, 2015

As reported by Reuters, Pentagon is building a huge electronic system for the purpose of providing intel about vulnerabilities in computer networks, installations, and weapons systems of the military. It is a step to help officials devise better strategies to fix them and comes in the wake of continued cyber-attacks from China and Russia. 

Cyber-attacks have become increasingly frequent in the age of computers and the Internet. When used to manipulate and tweak the weapons systems of other countries, they can prove to be devastating as they can lead to severe loss of life and property.

Keeping this ever-present threat in mind, the Pentagon is building a cyber ‘scorecard’ to help officials of the military know more about the vulnerabilities in their weapons systems and computer networks so that they are better equipped to detect and deal with cyber-attacks.

The need for establishing such a system was felt when the Pentagon’s director of testing and evaluation, Michael Gilmore, released a critical report earlier this year that discussed the cyber threats that the U.S Defence Department faced, as well as an account of how Russia and China are growing more persistent with their cyber-attacks. The report went on to say that almost all of the major U.S weapons systems were vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

The aim of this effort is to create a fully automated system that would enhance immediate detection and response to cyber-attacks by the defence officials, but initially the entries to the system need to be made manually.

General Kevin McLaughlin spoke at the annual Billington Cybersecurity Summit about how the Cyber Command has already set up 133 response teams for the purpose and that they would reach the stage of initial operation by the end of 2016. He went on to say that initially the scorecard would concentrate on the major threats like weapons systems fielded before cyber-attacks were known or newer systems that are vulnerable to such attacks.

He said:

There’s probably not enough money in the world to fix all those things, but the question is what’s most important, where should we put our resources as we eat the elephant one bite at a time.

General McLaughlin also said that military officials are now much better aware and prepared to deal with the issue of cyber-threats than they used to be in the past, which shows that the officials recognize and fully understand the gravity of the situation.

Image from Wikimedia.

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  • Jim Brown

    This is the translation of what these statements really mean:
    We’ve now documented numerous failures in some of our
    multi-Trillion dollar Nuclear Offensive Attack Systems when
    we got the order to fire them off.
    Apparently, these missiles where not only rendered inert and
    incapable of detonation but were diverted miles off course
    and caused to crash harmlessly into unpopulated areas.
    Upon inspection of the crashed missiles,
    no reason for the failure could be found and the
    missiles mysteriously had only superficial crash damage.

    Upon investigation into the systems’ flight path,
    which was tracked by multiple radar installations,
    it was discovered that at the instant of loss of control
    of the missile, a very small unidentified object was
    tracked following the missiles’ flight path which
    was tracked by radar at speeds exceeding Mach-12 until
    it disappeared from the radar approximately 2 seconds later.

    It has not yet been declassified, but we are quite sure that
    the objects seen on radar are extra terrestrial in nature and
    their purpose is to keep us from destroying the
    planet, and all life on it, with Nukes.

    A budget for solving this problem has not yet been
    established, but it is estimated to be in the
    7 to 9 Trillion dollar range with provisions for
    yearly increases as we see fit.

    This is a very serious problem as our next victims are
    now quite aware that our Nuclear threats mean nothing,
    and with no way to spectacularly stage our next
    False Flag event, these insubordinate third-world
    countries might start getting the idea that they
    really don’t need our worthless Fiat Currency and
    Central Banking System and start doing their own
    thing without the permission of their proper rulers.

    These insignificant Muslim Countries must be taught
    a lesson they will never forget for refusing to play ball
    with the true rulers of this planet.
    They will continue to be bombed into dust until such
    time as they come to their senses and submit to
    the dictates of the Bank.
    Gold backed money will NOT be tolerated!!!