OpenBazaar Offers Crypto-Earning Potential

We spend a lot of time talking about how you can go about investing in crypto, but in the end, investing is just taking money and then using it to buy crypto. What if you were just getting paid in it in the first place? This would allow you to benefit from rising prices without having to go through all the trouble of trading or using an exchange.

Introducing OpenBazaar

Long ago in the past, there were bazaars where everyone would do commerce. In these bazaars, there were no middlemen and nobody telling you what to sell, how much to charge, or how to pay for it. For some reason, we have decided to trade these freedoms for technological advancements, and called it progress along the way.

Free trade has become restricted and controlled by the government and corporations. This is exactly why OpenBazaar was conceived. It was founded as DarkMarket, which was decidedly focused on illicit markets, but has since transitioned to become OpenBazaar. As a venture-backed, for-profit company, they are doing very well at growing, and are adding approximately 1,500 new users every month.

They are an open source free software that helps to facilitate direct and free trade between users. The goal of OpenBazaar is to make it possible for people to freely exchange with each other, and in a direct manner. Essentially, their goal is to make global free trade a reality.

The Problems that Need Solving

Many would view the current market as a successful implementation of technology to increase efficiency a significant amount, but a whole other host of problems have manifested in recent decades.

There are two types of middlemen that are present in the marketplace: those who collect fees and those who collect data. Both are a pernicious presence in the marketplace, as they hamper the free flow on funds. Additionally, as we have seen with Facebook, companies cannot be trusted with data. They will either use it to market to you, or sell that data to other companies.

Censorship is an additional issue that may occur when Shopify or other e-commerce giants deem a store or business to be inappropriate and can block someone off of their platform. Control is a big issue here, and it tends to leave a lot of business-owners exposed.

These problems have created an opportunity for OpenBazaar to step in and capture this part of the market. To earn a profit, they will provide value-added services similar to apps for e-commerce platforms, but won’t charge the same transaction fees that are currently present on other platforms.

What Can You Do?

So depending on how you currently earn your income, it might be time to experiment with OpenBazaar. The platform allows for you to get paid in any coin you wish, and as the network moved from decentralized to fully distributed, there are going to be many more improvements in the work. Additionally, you will be able to cut big corporations and the government out of your business, which means your data is safer, and you don’t have to worry about unexpected business interruptions.

If you’re a free trade believer and are currently worried about the level of control you have over your business on whatever platform you’re using, OpenBazaar may be a worthwhile option to explore.

Disclaimer: Author is not affiliated with OpenBazaar. 

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