OnePlus Cardboard VR Set Giveaway Sells Out

OnePlus Cardboard VR Set Knox Labs
KnoxLabs Aluminum Cardboard

The aptly named Google side project, Cardboard, folds together creating a virtual reality headset powered by a smartphone. Google has released the specifications free online and is encouraging everyone to get involved building and developing for Cardboard. To encourage inclusion and adoption, Chinese startup OnePlus recently offered their version for free.

Google provides Manufacturers Kit for production assemblies of all sizes. Included in the kit are templates for die cutters, laser cutters and handheld scissors. The limited edition version of OnePlus’s Cardboard is sold out but crafty virtual reality fans can build their own or try and snag a pair on July 27th when their new initiative model launches.

This is not a product; it’s an initiative. We aren’t making any money by offering OnePlus Cardboard. In fact, we are losing money with each one. There will come a day in which we will be able to travel the world and experience amazing things without ever leaving the comfort of our homes. OnePlus Cardboard exists to drive this idea forward. – OnePlus writes on their blog.

Google’s Cardboard is an economical or DIY entry point for virtual reality sets. The frame that makes up the body of the device houses a smartphone. OnePlus, the Chinese company giving away their version of Cardboard has a smartphone coming out soon, the OnePlus One. The OnePlus Cardboard VR set differs from Google’s in a couple ways. First, it is made of thicker cardboard and an oil/dirt resistant film. The next two models are scheduled to be unveiled July 27th

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OnePlus Cardboard VR Headset Mattel ViewMaster
Mattel/Google Re imaged View Master

Google’s open hardware model Cardboard is attracting more than startup companies. American toy company Mattel has a new vision for one of its signature products. Mattel’s new View-Master is a modern take on the device that originally debuted at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York. Available fall 2015, the new View-Master is expected to cost less than $30. Mattel plans to sell accompanying ‘reel’ apps that take consumers through a tour inside the space shuttle with 360 degree camera footage.



Images from OnePlus, Mattel, Knox Labs.