Obama: Cybersecurity in Government Concerns Me

Obama Cybersecurity

U.S. President Barack Obama has admitted that the White House has been the target of hacking incidents while adding that the state of cybersecurity “throughout the government, in general.”

U.S. President Barack Obama was in Spain during a diplomatic visit when he spoke about the state of cybersecurity in the U.S. state department, White House and the wider government, as revealed by Reuters.

Speaking on Sunday, he stated:

There are legitimate concerns around how information travels in the State department.

It has to do with the volumes of information transmitted, who has access to them, concerns about cyberattacks and cyber security and I’m concerned about this throughout the government in general.

Obama revealed that the measures and controls used for the cybersecurity infrastructure weren’t up to scratch and that the government would have to do better.

“I don’t think we have this perfectly solved. I think we’re gonna have to do better and learn from mistakes,” he stated, before adding:

We know we have had hacking in the White House.

The comments come during a time when the spotlight on cybersecurity has arguably been its fiercest yet with the debacle surrounding former secretary of state and current Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s email hacking incident.

Clinton used her private email servers while serving at her previous post, leading to Romanian hacker Guccifer compromising and leaking her email records. FBI director James Comey implied as much, explicitly stating that “hostile actors” could have gained access to her email account, which has reportedly contained tens of thousands of records of classified information. Comey stated that she was “extremely careless” in her use of a private email address and server. Still, the FBI director revealed that he would not be recommending criminal charges against the presumptive presidential nominee.

Obama further added that plans are in place for a cybersecurity review to establish and enforce better measures.

How people handle information, the precautionary steps being taken, all those things are being examined thoroughly and it’ll be a work in progress over time.

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Samburaj is the contributing editor at Hacked and keeps tabs on science, technology and cyber security.