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Nintendo Enters the Sleep Market with New Patent

Nintendo Enters the Sleep Market with New Patent

by P. H. MadoreJuly 28, 2015

Nintendo will be expanding its horizons soon according to patents it has submitted recently. It looks like Nintendo is developing a device that will record the data of a sleeping human and transmit it to Nintendo servers, from which it will be transmitted back and displayed on the wall of the user. Could this be a killer app for Nintendo? Time will tell.

nintendo patent

Part of Nintendo’s Patent

On that note, it seems they’re developing an alarm clock as well. Nintendo is moving wholeheartedly into a “Quality of Life” market that is believed to overtake soon several other industries in size and growth. Smart applications and devices that provide new information or give the user more power over his or her life will most likely dominate the market. Such devices for the home, such as gardening devices which can monitor the moisture levels of root structures in gardens, and devices which can control the heat of the house from the smartphone. These things will be in high demand. Erstwhile, such things as console games will be in less demand as computer games become more ubiquitous.

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It would seem that Nintendo is prepared for the console market to die gradually off. The company could easily divert its resources into researching and developing new quality of life technologies such as a smartwatches or fitness devices. There is no reason the company couldn’t remain relevant in consumer markets if it managed to develop enough new devices. It could always launch a totally new brand to do these devices, as well. It is unclear what they will do at this point, only that they are looking to patent certain ideas before anyone else sees them and tries to steal their market.

Despite moving into the quality of life industry, Nintendo did recently cancel its TVii service, which was a popular television-based service. It is always possible that they could replace it with something else, and that that was their intention all along. It is also possible that they just see more profit elsewhere. Either way, it is interesting to see companies like Nintendo move out of their core business and attempt to take advantage of the Internet of Things.

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