Macs Are Suddenly Looking More Vulnerable After Hackers Target Apple


The Mac computers by Apple have commonly been seen as immune to viruses. That view is quickly becoming outdated. Hackers have penetrated several Macbook computers with new malware that bypasses Apple’s security. Considering the other recent malware campaign that infected over 30,000 Macs and Apple itself was targeted with ransomware, the tech giant is suddenly … Read more

Was Your Information Stolen In the Massive Facebook Hack?


As the largest social media platform on Earth, Facebook is familiar with scrutiny. And it’s usually well deserved. Unfortunately, things haven’t gotten much better as hackers have breached the site yet again. This time they made off with the personal information of over half a billion people. Hackers Target Facebook in Massive Breach According to … Read more

Russian Hackers Infiltrate the Dept. of Homeland Security


After realizing that the SolarWinds hack was one of the biggest breaches ever, experts have repeatedly noted that we still don’t know the full fallout of the attack. Today’s news illustrates that point perfectly. Nearly two years after the infiltration, we’re just finding out that the cybercriminals hacked the Trump administration’s head of homeland security … Read more

Hacker Group REvil Holds $100 Million Ransom Over Acer


REvil is back at it again. The hacker group responsible for breaching a cosmetic surgery business last December has their eyes on a much bigger prize: Acer. They’ve hit the Taiwanese hardware and electronics manufacturer with the largest ransom known to date, and they warn that it could get much larger if they don’t comply. … Read more

Verkada Hacker Who Infiltrated Tesla & Cloudflare Is Indicted


The feds have officially indicted the hacker who breached Verkada. The Silicon Valley-based security company has a multitude of high-profile clients such as Tesla, CloudFlare, and Equinox. Tillie Kottman, also known as “deletescape” and “tillie crimew,” took credit for the hack in which they (their identifying pronoun) exposed footage from more than 150,000 security cameras. … Read more

Bitcoin Hacker Who Breached Elon Musk & Bill Gates Gets 3 Years


While it sometimes seems like hackers live somewhere mysteriously above the law, they can get caught. One of the most noteworthy hackers of 2020 was caught for his sprawling Bitcoin hacking scheme on Twitter. And now he’s paying the price. Hacker Breaches Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Other Celebrities’ Twitter Accounts Last summer, we saw … Read more

The White House Is Scrambling to Improve Its Cybersecurity

Joe Biden

We’ve previously talked about how Joe Biden and the White House have made bold proclamations about their stance on cybersecurity. Unfortunately, they’ve been slow to act on their promises. And in the meantime, American companies continue to suffer huge breaches. The Biden administration has recently started paying more lip service to increased cybersecurity. Let’s hope … Read more

Deepfake Warning: Remove Bikini Images to Prevent Creation of DeepNudes

original bikini image of woman 2

At Hacked, we work to combat cybercriminals, hackers, and blackmailers. Unfortunately, with the rise of technology, women and girls are at a higher risk of defamation and blackmail.   If you struggle with revenge porn, deep nudes, or other non-consensual explicit content, sign up for our free yet comprehensive course here. This course will be … Read more